About Amazonia

The descent to the Amazon Basin, the most easterly region of Ecuador, is one of the most beautiful reservations of biodiversity on our planet. The Amazonian region is home to a tropical rainforest with steep ridges, affluents and cascades that flow down to the profound jungle where the humid lowlands flourish. The virgin forest covers the main part of the region. The Amazonia is the largest but least populous region of the country.

One of the Ecuadorian natural gems lies in the Amazonian region. The Yasuni National Park – with nearly 10'000 square kilometers – is home to thousands of species of animals, plants and inaccessible people that live in voluntary isolation: Tagaeri and Taromenane.

Other folks who live in this region are the Quechua, Huaorani, Secoya and Cofán which perpetuate ancestral habits of living, chase, social and familiar organization.


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