Mashpi Cloud Forest

Visit the exclusive Mashpi Lodge and enter he magical world of the deep Ecuadorian cloud forest.

Day 1 - Welcome to Mashpi

  • The package cost includes transportation to and from Quito. Pick-up time is around 7 am.
  • We take the highway north of Quito, passing the Equator Monument and Latitude 0, and then over the pass and from here on, it's downhill towards the coast.
  • After about two-and-a-half hour, we arrive at the entrance to the Mashpi Rainforest Biodiversity Reserve, which extends over the surrounding 1,300 hectares (3,212 acres) – a haven for wildlife and biodiversity. Here, we'll stop at the Hummingbird Viewpoint to learn more about these irrepressible flying machines and enjoy a drink.
  • We then wind our way 6 km (3.75 miles) further aboard electric buggies until we reach the lodge itself, at approximately 12 pm.
  • Here you are welcomed with a refreshing drink and checked in to your room. Lunch is served soon after, followed by a short time to relax.
  • After lunch, the afternoon activities begin. These will depend on factors such as group size, physical abilities and weather conditions.
  • Before dinner, you will meet you Naturalist Guide for a short briefing about the next day's activities.
  • Optional night walks head out from the hotel following dinner.

Day 2 - Mashpi Exploration

  • For those who want to enjoy the beauty and magic of dawn in the forest – which is when most birds are active and calling, as well as when views are often most spectacular – early morning activities are organized before breakfast.
  • Following breakfast, we head out from the lodge to explore, returning for lunch and a rest, before enjoying an afternoon amid Nature.
  • Dinner, night walks and sleep

Day 3 - The Last Day

  • On the last day, there's an early breakfast, followed by a shorter morning activity and check out.
  • There's then time to relax at the Lodge, watch a video presentation or birdwatch from the terraces. A substantial snack is served at 10.30am and we leave the hotel at 11am.
  • About an hour away, we visit the intriguing archaeological site of Tulipe.
  • We then drive back eastwards, winding our way up the Andes towards the capital, arriving at Quito hotels between 3 and 4 pm (depending on traffic, location and number of passengers).


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