Tren Crucero

Prepare yourself for an exceptional train ride crossing from Ecuador’s Andes watching the transition from moorlands through cloud forests, to tropical Coastal landscapes in 4 days 3 nights all included… Immerse yourself in the culture, customs and traditions of Ecuador while travelling aboard an extraordinary train.

The Train Cruise (“Tren Crucero”) offers you a unique voyage by train along beautiful landscapes from the Andes to the Pacific. Visiting natural attractions as the Avenue of Volcanos, the Devil’s Nose and the Cloud Forest, the transition between Sierra and Coast. The 450 km scenic train ride ascends up to 3600 m and descends to sea level during the trip. Furthermore, you will travel special stretches aboard a steam train from the 20th century.

The “Tren Crucero” is a comfortable and luxurious train representing the Ecuadorian identity and history with exceptional onboard service.

A magical journey is on the verge of being part of your life, your experiences and best memories…

Train & Crew

The Train Cruise’s style is defined by its four coaches, true treasures of historical design, pulled by steam and diesel motors.

The most significant parts of the trip will be conducted by steam locomotives from the beginning of the 20th century. They have been carefully rehabilitated to guarantee your comfort and safety.

The train has a capacity for 54 persons settled comfortably.

All assistants on board have been carefully elected and been trained with highest standards of service. This excellent crew will make sure that you only have to care about having a pleasant and enchanting trip.


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