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Peru - One must have seen Peru to believe it. To explore Machu Picchu, the eternal city which is declared one of the Seven modern Wonders of the World (& Peru) is a dream that everyone should fulfill himself or herself.

A country with a history that leads 10'000 years back. Peru was headquarter of the Inca empire. However, long before the Incas also other folks discovered Peru's magic (i.e. The Camagic (i.e. The Carals) and created sites like the ostentatious tombs of Sipán, the mysterious Nazca lines and the fort in Kuélap.

One of the planet's most diverse nations, which includes desert, mountains and rainforest.

A territory with an extraordinary gastronomy and a variegated culture, which includes 50 languages, thousands of dances and musical instruments. The Peruvian cuisine and culture can be savored at the many folk festivals and processions.

A travel destination that offers infinite sites and is home to millions who are awaiting your visit.


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